Set Up a Giving Account online

Before you set up a Giving Account, read the Fidelity Charitable Policy Guidelines (PDF) to learn more about important policies and procedures.

New Giving Account

Set Up a Giving Account online

Advisors & Professionals

You can Register for GivingCentral® to set up Giving Accounts for your clients.

Learn more about GivingCentral®

Add Another Giving Account

Primary Account Holders are not able to set up an additional Giving Account online. Instead, you can download and complete a Donor Application (PDF) and follow the instructions.

Corporate Giving Account

Set up a Giving Account for a corporation, firm, or other business entity by fax or mail. Download and complete an Organization Giving Account Application (PDF) and follow the instructions.

Learn more about Corporate Giving

Speak with a representative: 1-800-262-6039

Manage Your Giving Online

  • Make contributions
  • Make grant recommendations
  • Set up recurring grant recommendations
  • Track grants by sector, region, and organization
  • Export historical data for recordkeeping
  • Recommend exchanges among investment pools
  • Update your profile
  • Choose and modify successor options
  • Access all Giving Account activity details

PDFs require Adobe® Reader®.